The Power of Giving

December 14, 2017
The final weeks of 2017 are ticking by, and we are rapidly approaching a new year.  It is hard to deny that this really is the most wonderful time of the year. Although I am a strong believer that this season is to be celebrated no... Read More

For the Love…of Learning!

December 01, 2017
I was sharing with a colleague a while back about my favorite life-long learner, my 94-year-old grandmother. A national tennis champion in her teenage years, a teacher and a coach from her twenties through retirement, she continues to... Read More

Dealing with Family Business Dynamics Part 2

November 08, 2017
I wrote a blog a few years back giving tips for how to approach some of the unique dynamics that are in place in running a family business. I’ve been reflecting some more on this subject lately and felt the need to revisit this topic... Read More

Are you addicted to work?

November 03, 2017
Before Morrison & Company, I worked in the insurance industry. Now before you get red-faced and start telling me what a racket insurance is, let me just say one thing. Our office actually cared about our clients, and I often spent more... Read More

Frankenstein’s Business Plan

October 20, 2017
If your business didn’t exist would anyone start it?  Would it look the same if they did? When we moved into our current office in 2012 we occupied one of three suites.  We eventually expanded into a second that had... Read More

Identifying a Healthy Workplace

October 05, 2017
We’ve probably all been there before – working jobs that were fun for that season of life, working for companies you thought you’d stay forever but left feeling a bit disillusioned, and (hopefully!) working for some places... Read More

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