The Engaged Manager

November 14, 2019
We had the privilege of having organizational health movement pioneer, Patrick Lencioni, in Chico last month where he spoke with key leaders in the business, non-profit, health, agriculture, and other sectors about the importance of being... Read More

Urgent Important

November 07, 2019
So much to do, so little time… I find that often my “to-do” list grows faster than I can cross things off. I have experienced weeks where there were so many fires to put out, I didn’t even touch my... Read More


October 31, 2019
For most of my adult life, I have had a fear of joining. I always wanted to get involved in one way or another, so I joined a club or an organization. I attended a meeting or two then abruptly stopped going. I found these great... Read More

Office Spaces

October 14, 2019
When I started with Morrison I was their first Sacramento area hire. My time here has been amazing, but the first couple months involved a lot of commuting to Morrison’s headquarters in Chico. I enjoy our team so much the commute was... Read More

To-Do Lists

September 19, 2019
My colleagues and my family know that I like to-do lists. I appreciate the exercise of taking the list of what I need to accomplish each day out of my head and putting it on paper. Once the items I need or want to accomplish are on my... Read More

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