Collaboration vs. Competition

June 27, 2016
I recently attended a leadership retreat. As I reflect on the many topics we covered that weekend, one simple exercise stands out in my mind. We split up into pairs and were essentially tethered to each other with “handcuffs”... Read More

They’re All Customers

June 10, 2016
Who are the most important people to your business? They’re the customers, right? I suppose that depends on who you perceive to be your customers. If, when you think of customers, you think of those who drive your revenue streams,... Read More

So, what is “Emotional Intelligence” really?

June 02, 2016
I know even in writing out that single question in the title – half of you reading will probably crack a little smile and be thinking, “I just was reading something on that…” and the other half will furrow their... Read More