You. Are. Not. Alone.

June 19, 2017
You may not believe it, but my average day is packed with plenty of emotion. Yes, I’m a business “consultant,” and yes, I have an accounting degree, so that may be a little unexpected. You see, in the normal course of... Read More

When Settling for Mediocrity is a Relief

April 06, 2017
… But alas, only bad options are in front of you. When working with clients, I often get asked “what should I do?” It’s understandable that a client would ask me that question, after all that’s part of the reason... Read More

Entrepreneurialism: A Blessing or a Curse?

October 20, 2016
I have a streak of entrepreneurialism in me. It started as a kid and manifested itself by selling baseball cards to my friends, doing yard work in my neighborhood, and selling junk food at my high school. Some ventures went well (junk food to... Read More

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