How Flexible is Your Office?

February 22, 2017
As I work from home today, I’m reminded how grateful I am that my employer recognizes the demands of our current, fast-paced age which sometimes can require more a person/employee than is seemingly possible in just a 40-hour workweek. How... Read More

Convincing Your Natural Personality Otherwise

December 01, 2016
I was always a fairly shy and introverted kid. It has taken years of focused effort to break out of my shell be “comfortable” (and I use that word loosely… acceptance is probably more like it) in settings where I’ll be... Read More

What’s Your Cyber Exposure?

August 11, 2016
Most of us probably don’t give much thought to what could happen if our sensitive data is compromised. I mean, we’ve got a firewall, an IT department, an insurance policy that must cover cybercrime, possibly a business attorney on... Read More

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