Is Cash Still King?

February 02, 2018
When I was young, I thoroughly enjoyed playing computer games (this was before the release of the Nintendo, and we never had an Atari, so for a while I was relegated to sifting through computer games on disks). The really cool ones came in box... Read More

How Flexible is Your Office?

February 22, 2017
As I work from home today, I’m reminded how grateful I am that my employer recognizes the demands of our current, fast-paced age which sometimes can require more a person/employee than is seemingly possible in just a 40-hour workweek. How... Read More

Convincing Your Natural Personality Otherwise

December 01, 2016
I was always a fairly shy and introverted kid. It has taken years of focused effort to break out of my shell be “comfortable” (and I use that word loosely… acceptance is probably more like it) in settings where I’ll be... Read More

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