It’s in the Details…

January 18, 2018
Have you ever caught yourself working on a project that felt so tedious you wonder if it’s worth continuing? Almost as if the work and time invested just don’t seem worth the end result? I feel this way when I mop my floors. Is it... Read More

Are you addicted to work?

November 03, 2017
Before Morrison & Company, I worked in the insurance industry. Now before you get red-faced and start telling me what a racket insurance is, let me just say one thing. Our office actually cared about our clients, and I often spent more time... Read More

A New Era for Client Services

September 28, 2017
Client services is a fascinating topic. Whether you are a client or a service provider, you are going to experience good and “not so good” practices. When I was younger, I remember how my parents were treated as clients/customers.... Read More