Office Spaces

October 14, 2019
When I started with Morrison I was their first Sacramento area hire. My time here has been amazing, but the first couple months involved a lot of commuting to Morrison’s headquarters in Chico. I enjoy our team so much the commute was... Read More

To-Do Lists

September 19, 2019
My colleagues and my family know that I like to-do lists. I appreciate the exercise of taking the list of what I need to accomplish each day out of my head and putting it on paper. Once the items I need or want to accomplish are on my physical... Read More

Sometimes You Need to Take a Break

August 29, 2019
I subscribe to the notion that in business you’re probably either moving forward or moving backward – that it’s nearly impossible to stand still.  I don’t however, think this means you have to have your foot on the... Read More

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