Agromillora California

Local business part of a Global network

Agromillora California (AgroCal) is a commercial tree nursery located in Northern California and a subsidiary of the multinational Agromillora group, a network of a dozen nurseries located on six continents that is headquartered in Spain.  Founded in 1986 in Catalonia, Spain, the Agromillora group is the world’s leading olive, fruit and nut tree nursery company, known as an innovative researcher and supplier of “in vitro” propagated rootstocks for pistachio, walnut, almond and stone fruit along with olives trees.

Agromillora California provides domestic U.S. oil and table olive producers with standard and high density olive trees and provides western U.S. producers with nut and fruit trees and next-generation rootstocks.  The nursery is known for providing superior stock and expert guidance to its customers.

Given its rural location and a worldwide conversion to a complex ERP accounting system, AgroCal found it difficult to recruit the level of experience and knowledge needed.  With the availability of strong guidance from Agromillora Catalana, California management did not feel a need to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer or Controller.  However, they did need high-level financial guidance and planning assistance and expertise that was more localized and available on an on-going basis.

We began our work by assisting with the recruitment of a senior accountant and a reorganization of the financial functions and processes. With a senior accountant in place we shifted to supporting that function in preparation for the year-end close cycle.  Today we provide guidance in the day-to-day accounting and finance functions by reviewing internally prepared financial reporting, and assisting management with third party financial partners. 

Our role has developed into month-end reviews of accounting transactions, assistance in preparing for the annual audit and providing guidance and expertise for analysis and interpretation of business operations and assisting with key business decisions.  We work directly with management at the California facility as well as the international management at Agromillora Catalana on continuous improvement initiatives.

With the recruitment of an experienced and knowledgeable senior accounting talent, the completion of the ERP conversion, and up-to-date controls and processes in place, Agromillora California’s accounting and financial functions are operating smoother and timelier than ever before.  The company’s California and international management has the confidence of knowing that they have a resource to support the California operation whenever needed.