Gorrill Ranch Enterprises

Accounting, Budget, Planning, and Analysis Assistance

Gorrill Ranch is a fourth generation family-owned farming operation founded in 1918.  The ranch’s founder, Ralph Gorrill, leveraged his engineering background to survey the rice land he purchased and design a gravity-fed, water delivery system that is the basis of the ranch’s irrigation to this day.  Over the years, Gorrill Ranch has developed a reputation for producing premium quality medium and short grain rice.
The second generation ownership of Gorrill Ranch made the decision to diversify into orchard crops, including prunes (marketed through Morrison client Sunsweet Growers), almonds (marketed through Morrison client Blue Diamond), walnuts, and, most recently, pecans.  Today Gorrill Ranch cultivates and farms significant rice and orchard crop acreage. 
The company found it difficult to retain part-time finance and accounting assistance with the experience, knowledge, and consistency they needed. With strong direction from their CEO and Managing Partner, Gorrill Ranch’s day-to-day accounting and financial analysis needs did not require a full-time Chief Financial Officer or controller to oversee their accounting function.  However, professional-level accounting services are needed to close the books, develop and prepare financial reports, and update projected cash flow estimates on a monthly basis.  Outsourced accounting assistance is also needed to close the year-end books, prepare annual budgets, analyze financial transactions, prepare for the outside tax firm, and do general financial analysis.
Morrison & Company now provides Gorrill Ranch with outsourced accounting assistance on an ongoing basis to close and review the monthly books and prepare quarterly and annual management reports.  We also help with annual budgets, cash flow forecasts, and financial analysis and planning.  
This outsourced accounting arrangement allows Gorrill Ranch to focus on the business of producing and marketing crops while getting consistent and dependable top-level financial and accounting assistance and advice without a hard-to-fill part-time position or an unneeded full-time position.