Green Energy Contractor

Establishing Internal Controls and Getting Into Regulatory Compliance

Morrison & Company was contacted by a private company holding a sub-contract to build a portion of a large energy system. The company was in danger of losing their contract due to a lack of internal controls required by relevant regulations and non-compliance with certain aspects of the contract.

Working closely with the client, Morrison & Company helped our client get into compliance by:

  • Providing accounting help and financial tools and putting in place a financial system that complied with the government program financing the project
  • Compiling and presenting a set of company financial statements, complete with financial analysis
  • Establishing an equipment procurement process
  • Revising project budgets and budget justification spreadsheets that properly classified equipment
  • Establishing an equipment management process
  • Establishing a system to ensure compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act

At the project's completion, our client was in a solid position to take the accounting systems we created for them, hire a part-time office support person, teach them internal controls, and have in-house internal audit capabilities. All of these would help our client remain in compliance.