The Sun Valley Rice Company

Interim CFO Services for Rice & Rice Products Company: Help with Growth and Change

The Sun Valley Rice Company was founded in 1999 to mill, package, and market quality California rice varieties for its owners and other growers in the state’s most productive rice growing region. The company mills for both bulk and retail export and domestic sales, including specialty varieties packaged for domestic ethnic markets. Founded by a longtime California farming family, milling and marketing were challenges they had long looked forward to.

A few years after its founding, the company entered a period of rapid growth and the change that often accompanies it. To assist with those challenges, Morrison & Company was engaged to serve as outsourced interim Chief Financial Officer for just over a year.

As the interim CFO, Morrison led the long-term planning process, oversaw the accounting and finance function, and helped plan and negotiate a restructuring of the company’s financing to achieve lower costs and more efficient banking relationships.  Morrison directed the process to secure a USDA Business & Industry Loan Guarantee, locking in favorable rates and terms. As part of its CFO services, Morrison oversaw the overall finance and accounting function including monthly and annual reporting, tax planning, annual budgeting, and reporting to the board of directors.

The Sun Valley Rice Company has become one of California’s most modern and efficient rice milling, packaging, and marketing companies. From bulk export orders to domestic packaged goods, the company has built its business on innovation and performance. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to fill an interim executive role during a stage of significant growth and transition.