Work Truck Solutions

Designing A Business Financial Framework For Lasting Success


Work Truck Solutions was founded in 2011 with the idea of creating a tool designed to help buyers and sellers of commercial work trucks locate specialized work trucks and vans. Founder Kathryn Schifferle discovered this problem after developing a member website and publishing a quarterly magazine which focused on educating dealers of commercial trucks. Today, Work Truck Solutions serves as an online matchmaker between dealers and buyers seeking specialized work trucks, such as carpet cleaning or plumbing-specific operational trucks.


Morrison & Company was introduced to Work Truck Solutions by another client, 3CORE, a non-profit economic development corporation that advises and assists start-up businesses. Work Truck Solutions had initial sweat equity and founder funding but hadn’t yet received an outside seed round of funding. However, they were streamlined and smart, managing the business with just two full-time employees. Once they got their seed source of funding, they reached out to Morrison and asked to make their ideas become reality by designing a financial framework to guide them to lasting success.


To support their financial needs and their size of business, Morrison & Company strategized with Work Truck Solutions to build up their accounting and financial planning systems, bringing them to full operational functionality. After implementation, Morrison & Company operated the system for an interim period while training the Work Truck team to manage and operate the system, additionally providing assistance in filing required year-end governmental reports.


Work Truck Solutions catapulted to the next level! With the incredible effort of the founder, support from 3CORE’s economic development team, and Morrison & Company’s innovative financial planning, Work Truck Solutions remains an incredibly successful business today. Work Truck Solutions has been a great example of a small startup growing into a reputable company, today raising a B Round to scale even bigger in their $130 billion industry as the supply chain and marketing platform.