One of the most important factors when considering grant writers is their record.

“Working with the Morrison & Company team was an amazing experience from start to finish.  Their professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge of the grant process was second-to-none, and we simply would not have been successful without their support.  We will never apply for a grant again without hiring Morrison & Company – their competence, expertise and guidance throughout the process was worth every penny.” – Sonya DeLuca, Program Director, Napa Valley Grapegrowers

The language of federal and other grant programs can seem foreign and the requirements tortuous. Even if you are familiar with grants, increasingly complex and technical programs may call for expert assistance.
While the average success rate for federal grant programs is perhaps 20 percent, Morrison has been blessed with a success record of over 80 percent on full grant proposals since its founding in 2002. We concentrate on highly competitive federal and state programs for private sector companies (e.g., corporations, LLCs, S corporations, and partnerships), universities, nonprofit trade or research organizations, and others. The chances are good that we’ve worked with someone a lot like you.
Beyond our strong record of success, we can position your project to be eligible for the most funding possible, with as small a cash match as possible. We can often successfully address rules and other obstacles that initially appear to disqualify a project. We can also do custom grant searches and help with the administration and paperwork that comes with grant-funded projects.
Many grant programs call for budgets, financial projections, business plans, feasibility studies, and similar requirements.  With several CPAs on staff we can do it all, saving you the time and added cost of turning to additional professionals. In addition, we partner with professionals in many other fields as needed to provide the expertise needed for just about any program. If it has to do with grants, we can be your full-service solution.
This is difficult to pin down exactly; the federal government does not disclose overall success rates though some individual agencies do.  The Foundation Center, which maintains the most comprehensive database of grants in the US, estimates the national application success rate at 17%.  The National Institutes of Health state that their success rate in fiscal 2012 was 17.5%, compared to 21.3% in 2007 and 31.2% in 2002.  The Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs reported an all-agency success rate of 18.17% for 2012, down from 26.8% in 2003.  The Specialty Crop Research Initiative (for which we've written two proposals, both successful) consistently reports single digit success rates. 
One thing is clear: grant programs are getting increasingly complex, more applicants are applying, and success rates are declining for most programs. 
Maybe; we've worked with many over the years.  However, the better question might be "Is my grant writer prepared to handle increasingly complex governmental grant regulations at a time of shrinking budgets and increased fiscal scrutiny?"
Fiscal challenges faced by federal and state governments are resulting in changes to many grant programs; a grant writer who worked with a program last year might find that it looks a lot different this year. And remember what grants are:  government designed and managed fiscal programs. At Morrison, five of our seven full-time professionals are Certified Public Accountants (another is an award-winning writer and journalist).  We are no strangers to complex and changing governmental programs or to developing strategies to address them.  
Why is this critical?  Many agencies report that about half of all grant applications are found ineligible or incomplete, mostly due to an inability to follow complex rules.  Whether we've worked with your program or not, you can be assured that your proposal will be written by grant writers experienced in successfully navigating complex governmental programs.  Grant writers often come from backgrounds such as nonprofit agencies, political science, public relations, advertising, and similar fields, and many are good at what they do.  But if you want an edge in an increasingly complex and competitive governmental grant environment, please contact us.