Whether you require a transitional executive, assistance with special projects, or just a solid professional who can pick up quickly, we can help.

There are many reasons your company may need interim, outsource, or part-time business, accounting, or finance help.

Here are a few:

Interim/Outsource Executive, Accounting, and Finance

Whether it’s an unexpected vacancy, ongoing part-time assistance, or a critical project, Morrison is an effective, cost-efficient solution. Our tested professionals have served in CEO, CFO, controller, analyst and other roles for organizations ranging from less than $2 million in revenues to hundreds of millions.

Our services have included numerous engagements to:

  • Fill CFO, controller, and similar roles on either an ongoing or temporary basis, from temporary full-time to outsource part-time. 
  • Provide assistance and direction in meeting year-end closing needs, bank and other reporting requirements, and other deadline or project-driven goals. 
  • Clean-up accounting records and/or assist in preparation for external audits.
  • Assess and redesign accounting controls and procedures, departmental organization, and management structure.
  • “Special projects” to fill specific and often unique needs.


  • Outsource CFO for a processing, distribution, and consumer products food company (the largest US company in its industry) for over a year. Restructured finance operations (staffing, procedures, ERP) during a period of rapid growth.
  • Outsource CFO for a family owned manufacturing company following the departure of incumbent CFO, shepherded company through year-end close and annual review, onboarded new accounting staff, completed ERP conversion and first ever company budget.
  • Outsource controller for a large multi-generational company that had struggled to retain professional-level accounting and finance professionals.
  • Controller functions for a growing company needing to professionalize its finance and accounting functions; we then recruited a permanent controller to fill the redefined position.
  • Filled interim CFO, controller, and HR manager roles for a company with approximately $200 million in revenues when all three incumbents left for different reasons in less than two months. 
  • Explored and analyzed the potential merger of three West Coast agricultural concerns, including financial projections, on behalf of all three. 
  • Inventoried and tagged processing equipment and updated fixed asset records for a company in danger of a qualified audit opinion for lack of adequate records. Operations – and the equipment inventoried – were located in over 25 acres under roof.
  • Identified potential acquisition targets for a well-known Japanese company seeking US investments in their industry. Identified companies with the highest potential and estimated their values, allowing our client to develop an appropriate and informed purchase strategy.
  • Support in-house accounting function for company owned by an out-of-state interest requiring professional level reporting back to headquarters.
  • Liaison with lenders on behalf of large ag producer over many rounds of financing.

Planning & Feasibility

Business plans and feasibility studies for internal decisions, lender requirements, investors, grant proposals, and other needs. Morrison can help with nearly any planning challenge, including comprehensive feasibility studies and business plans that address financial, marketing, engineering and other key aspects of potential ventures.

Our services have included numerous engagements to:

  • Prepare feasibility studies, business plans and multi-year financial projections for new operating facilities (food processing, cold storage, etc.).
  • Prepare feasibility studies, business plans and multi-year financial projections for new products and product lines extensions.
  • Assess market potential of new products, including quantitative and secondary market research.
  • Prepare feasibility studies and business plans for management decisions, financial institution (borrowing) requirements, and potential investors. Includes Prepare multi-year financial projections using our proprietary projection software.


  • Feasibility study and business plan for a large Midwest IQF (individually quick frozen) plant covering facility and equipment needs, engineering, information technology needs, marketing and distribution, capital needs, and risk analysis.
  • Assessed the marketing, technical, and financial feasibility of a facility to convert food-processing waste to fuel-grade ethanol, including appraisals of feedstock and costs, assessment of available technologies and needed innovations, a review of markets, site reviews, preliminary engineering, and financial projections.
  • Feasibility study and financial projections for the introduction of new dairy products in West Coast markets.
  • Analysis and long-term financial projections for the relocation of a commodity handling and cold storage operation for use by the board, management, and the identified lender. 
  • Due diligence reviews to assess the viability and/or estimated value of potential business acquisitions.
  • See also case studies here.

Budgets, Forecasting, and Financial Modeling

Whether for management, external purposes (e.g., financing), or compliance requirements, budgets and financial forecasts done right are critical to planning and managing an effective organization. 

Budgeting and forecasting is as much art as science. Morrison’s professionals don’t just “check the box;” we help you develop budgets and processes to enable you to better plan and manage your organization.

Our services have included numerous engagements to:

  • Design budgets and budgeting process designs to help organizations plan and monitor operating results, and to satisfy the needs of lenders and investors.
  • Provide analysis for budget vs. actual results to help create a core understanding of operations.
  • Create cash forecasting models.


  • Budget for manufacturing company seeking to forecast future working capital requirements and their lender’s financial covenants.
  • Multi-year financial model for use in large production operations’ strategic planning processes.
  • Cash flow model for a garment industry company that deals with offshore manufacturers and major US retail chains.
  • Financial modeling at the request of a lender for a food processing company (approximately $600 million in revenues) after purchasing two related operations to forecast combined financial results.

Internal Controls, Procedures, and Compliance

Effective internal controls, accounting procedures, and timely compliance with financial institution covenants can prevent a lot of problems but can be difficult to assess internally.  Our experienced CPA team can assess, document, revise or completely redesign your approach to these key disciplines.

Our services have included numerous engagements to:

  • Document current accounting procedures and controls.
  • Assess and address accounting controls and procedures, departmental organization, and management structure.
  • Revise or design accounting procedures and internal controls.
  • Design and implement procedures to prepare and submit financial institution compliance reports.
  • Assess current staff, restructure departmental organization, and assist with staff transition.


  • Reviewed, revised, and helped implement accounting procedures and internal controls for a vertically integrated, nationally known food processor.
  • Documented current accounting procedures and suggested revisions for a large trade association.
  • Multiple assessments and revisions to procedures and controls as part of interim CFO or Controller engagements. 
  • An assessment of potential embezzlement that verified and quantified the fraud, leading to the arrest of the perpetrator. (Note to others:  Don’t wait this long to assess your controls and procedures!)

Business Valuations

A business valuation or calculation of value can be critical when considering the sale or purchase of an ongoing businesses, changes in ownership interests, and other transactions.

Whether it’s a formal valuation or calculation in compliance with AICPA Statements on Standards for Valuation Services No. 1 or other standards, review of a valuation report prepared by others, or just a quick assessment of possible value, Morrison can help. 

Our services include: 

  • Business valuations.
  • Calculations of value.
  • Review of valuations or calculations of value prepared by others.


  • Prepared a valuation for the sale of a 40 percent minority interest in a manufacturing business in a unique niche with few relevant industry comparisons.
  • Calculation of value for the potential sale of a majority interest in an engineering firm.
  • Preliminary assessment of value for the potential purchase of a southern California food processing facility from a Midwest owner for the purpose of determining whether the asking price was reasonable enough to prepare an offer and begin formal negotiations. 
  • Evaluated an offer to purchase an out-of-state processing plant for consideration by our client’s board of directors.  The offer came two weeks before a board meeting; they needed an overview of value and value considerations in order to make an informed decision about pursuing further discussions.
  • A client attempting to avoid litigation asked Morrison to review a calculation of value of a retail organization prepared by other consultants. After we identified questionable assumptions and significant unaddressed factors, our clients were able to buy out their partner on favorable terms.