Whether you require a transitional executive, assistance with special projects, or just a solid professional who can pick up quickly, we can help.

There are many reasons your company may need an interim, outsource, or part-time finance or accounting help.  Perhaps you need an experienced fill-in or a knowledgeable executive to assist with projects such as establishing new operations, divisions, or functions.  Maybe you need ongoing finance and accounting assistance. Perhaps you need ongoing high-level advice and assistance but not enough to justify a full-time position.  Or perhaps you need help with specific projects like starting new business units, buying or selling businesses, accounting "clean-up", additional help during an ERP conversion, or other matters.

CFO, controller, and management roles

Our industry-tested professionals have served in CEO, CFO, controller, and other positions; we have filled interim and outsource roles for companies from less than $2 million in revenues to hundreds of millions. We can fill a temporary vacancy, provide ongoing assistance and advice, and/or help recruit a permanent replacement.  Our interim engagements have included:

  • Interim CFO for a client that purchased disparate units of a large national company.  We were brought in to organize the business infrastructure, including accounting, human resources, purchasing, information technology, insurance, and benefit plans.
  • Outsource CFO for a processing, distribution, and consumer products food company (the largest US company in its industry) for over a year. Restructured finance operations (staffing, procedures, ERP) during a period of rapid growth.
  • Interim President & CEO for a northern California agribusiness firm while we performed a search for a permanent replacement.
  • Outsource controller for a large family-owned company that had struggled to retain professional-level accounting and finance staff or outsource assistance.
  • Assistance and direction in meeting year-end closing needs, bank and other reporting requirements, and other deadline or project-driven goals for several companies.  Has included hands-on preformance of tasks and oversight of client personnel if needed.  
  • Controller functions for a growing company needing to professionalize its finance and accounting functions; we then recruited a permanent controller to fill the redefined position.


We have served many clients in as-needed or ongoing advisory roles, providing needed insight and experience to assist and supplement in-house management.  Let us help with organizational restructuring; relocations; establishing new finance, accounting, human resources, and purchasing functions; and instituting strategic plans and budgets.

  • Assessment of the marketing, technical, and financial feasibility of a facility to convert food processing waste to fuel-grade ethanol, including appraisals of feedstock and costs, assessment of available technologies and needed innovations, a review of markets, site reviews, preliminary engineering, and financial projections.Conducted an extensive Supply Chain Management survey of food processing firms for a maker of SCM software.
  • Multiple projects to assess management of discounts and deductions taken by supermarkets and other large retailers on sales of our clients’ consumer packaged goods items.
  • Several projects to create cash forecasting models, including a model for a garment industry company that deals with offshore manufacturers and major US retail chains.
  • Several projects to assess and address as necessary: accounting controls and procedures, departmental organization, personnel matters, and management structure.
  • A client attempting to avoid litigation asked Morrison to review a valuation calculation of a retail organization prepared by other consultants. After we identified questionable assumptions and significant unaddressed factors, our clients were able to buy out their partner on favorable terms.  
  • When a well-known Japanese company sought potential US investments in their industry, they engaged Morrison to identify candidates and determine preliminary value ranges. We identified the companies with the highest potential and estimated their values, allowing our client to develop an appropriate and informed purchase strategy.
  • We were engaged to evaluate an offer to purchase an out-of-state processing plant for consideration by our client’s board of directors.  The offer came two weeks before a board meeting; they needed an overview of value and value considerations in order to make an informed decision about pursuing further discussions.
  • Multiple valuation projects.

Planning and feasibility

We can help with nearly any planning challenge, including strategic planning, business plans, budgeting, financial models, and comprehensive feasibility studies that assess financial, marketing, engineering and other key aspects of major projects anywhere in the US and even beyond.  Click here for more information and related case studies.