Services for CPA Firms and Their Clients

Complimentary services to assist your clients.

Though many of our consultants have CPA certifications and hands-on industry experience, we do not perform audit/attest or tax services.  We instead provide complementary services that might pose independence issues for CPA firms or be outside their service areas.  This might include accounting cleanup, preparation for an audit or review, and outsource assistance that poses independence issues for a CPA firm.  

Let us come alongside your clients anywhere in the US to meet their specific needs.  Our real world experience has helped numerous companies clean up their accounting records and procedures, become more effiient in their operations, plan effectively, and be better positioned for future growth.  We are committed to making your clients happy – with both us and you.

We provide assistance with:

  • Interim/Outsource Executives: Providing top-level accounting, finance, and business advice to management and boards of directors on a temporary, as-needed, or ongoing part-time basis.  More...
  • Accounting Troubleshooting and Cleanup: Resolving accounting and reporting issues and instituting internal systems to ensure accurate and timely reporting.  More,,,
  • Budget and Financial Models: Analyzing financial condition and developing strategies and tools to ensure optimal managment of resources.  More...
  • Planning: Strategic plans, feasibility studies, business plans, and other key planning projects.  More...


  • Several Interim CFO engagements, including developing  business infrastructure when a company made a $250 million purchase of disparate units of a large national company.  When the purchase was final, we had established basic accounting, human resources, and purchasing functions and helped implement a contract agreement for IT services.
  • Several CFO/controller outsource engagements where we serve as a contract CFO or controller on either a part-time or full-time/temporary basis.
  • Several accounting "clean-up" projects to resolve systematic and functional issues, bringing accounting records up to date and in compliance with GAAP, often in preparation for audits.
  • Several projects to develop accounting controls and procedures.
  • Assistance in the completion of a stalled ERP implementation.
  • Several reviews of finance and accounting departments, including procedures redesign and personnel assessments.
  • Planning for several new processing facilities around the country, including an assessment of commodity availability, a review of potential markets, site selection, review of engineering design and equipment lists, and financial projections under multiple scenarios.
  • Several cash forecasting models.