Services for Financial Institutions and Their Clients

Do your clients need assistance with compliance, reporting, planning, organization, or forecasting?

If you are a financial institution, you want your clients to meet their obligations and reporting requirements in a timely manner. They want this too but may not have the necessary financial background or accounting resources, or may simply be too overloaded with other responsibilities to adequately forecast their needs and report on time. Or perhaps you need a business valuation or want an independent review of major proposed initiatives such as a plant expansion or business acquisition before approving financing.


Let us come alongside your clients to help them succeed and meet their obligations. When we work with companies, they become more effective and efficient in their finance, accounting, and business practices, putting them in a better position to grow and meet their commitments. We work with companies anywhere in the US, and beyond.

If you have clients who need assistance, or if you want major initiatives independently reviewed before approving financing, we can help. The professionals at Morrison & Company have decades of experience as advisors to private companies; we know the challenges facing financial institutions and their clients. Let us help you both succeed.

We provide assistance with:

  • Budget and Financial Models: Analyzing financial condition and developing strategies and tools to ensure optimal management of resources.  More...
  • Cash Flow Forecasting: Developing practical models to project long- and short-term cash flow and facilitate "what-if" analysis.  More...
  • Accounting Troubleshooting and Cleanup: Resolving recording and reporting issues and instituting internal systems to ensure accurate and timely reporting.  More...
  • Business Plans & Feasibility Studies: Let us prepare or review your clients' business plans or feasibility studies to provide independent insights and opinions.  Along with our own professional team, we can provide professionals from fields including marketing, engineering, law, and others as needed.  More...
  • Interim/Outsource Executives: Providing top-level business advice to management and boards of directors on  temporary, part-time, as-needed, or ongoing bases.  More...
  • Equity Planning: Establishing strategies, goals, and procedures to effectively plan for and meet equity needs and covenants.


  • A company faced with a stalled ERP implementation and turnover in key management positions was struggling to meet its budget, planning, and reporting obligations.  Referred by its bank, Morrison & Company assessed the issues, provided direction and assistance with the ERP implementation, served in interim management roles, and trained management and directors on the operation and oversight of key financial planning functions.
  • Morrison & Company has assisted many clients with histories of exceeding their credit availability and who were struggling to project and meet their cash flow needs, often as referred by their lendor.  We have tailored cash flow projection tools and trained their personnel in cash flow planning to enable these organizations to meet their operating needs and loan obligations.
  • Morrison & Company has helped several clients with histories of submitting late reports to their financial institution and difficulty in closing their books in a timely manner.  We instituted systems and procedural changes that enabled accurate monthly and quarterly financial reports and ensured the timely completion of annual audits.
  • Many accounting "clean-up" projects to correct and update records, develop procedures and controls, and train client personnel. 
  • Many feasibility studies and business plans to reach independent conclusions as to the feasibility of product line or market expansions, facility additions, business acquisitions, and more.