No matter how different industries, companies, and strategies may be, it all starts with people.

From the newest startup to the biggest of the Fortune 500, success always comes down to people:  who you attract (Recruitment); how you handle the very real needs of employee relations, retention, workforce planning, employee engagement, turnover, compensation, incentives, and regulatory and legal compliance (HR Advisement); and how they work together as an organization (Organizational Development). 

When we say People Solutions, we don’t check off boxes and fill out forms,  Instead we focus on anticipating the essentials and preparing a path for growth and innovation. In short, we’re about building better businesses.


You may have worked with recruiting firms in the past, but not like us.  Here’s how we're different:

  • Morrison actively consults and serves in many of positions we recruit for such as accounting and finance, human resources, and planning and feasibility, .  We know the challenges because we work in these fields daily, not just recruit.  It’s not just theory to us.
  • If Morrison doesn't currently work in a field we are recruiting for, chances are someone on our team has.  The Morrison team includes professionals who have held positions including CEO, CFO, HR director, operations management, controller, sales, and others.  We know the real challenges of business because we’ve lived them. 
  • We charge differently.  Rather than commissions that typically range from 25% to 33% of first year compensation (e.g., salary plus bonus plus benefits), we charge an hourly rate that is almost always significantly less than the standard commission.  We serve as an extension of your interests; commissions can incentivize some recruiters for a fast hire, not the best hire.

For more information about our recruiting services and related case studies, click here.

People Solutions HR Advisement

There are many reasons your company might need an interim, outsource, or part-time HR executive.  Perhaps you need an experienced fill-in or a knowledgeable executive to assist with one-time projects such as a policy review, establishing new operations, or specific personnel moves.  Maybe you need occasional HR advice to deal with the complexities of the business and legal environment. Or perhaps you need ongoing high-level advice and assistance but not enough to justify a full-time position.

Our People Solutions team members have served in a wide variety of human resources roles, bringing experience with companies ranging from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.   We can step in at a moment’s notice and help with human resource management and administration, recruitment, reduction in force, employee relations, training, organizational development initiatives, and more.  The synergistic relationship of our interim services and our executive recruitment services allows for an efficient and effective transition to a full-time position if needed.

Our HR Advisement services include:

  • Employee relations.  A productive and supportive culture leads to productive and supportive employees.  Let us help diagnose issues and develop strategies for a productive environment and good employee relations. 
  • Retention and workforce planning.  Turnover is expensive and disruptive.  It’s also inevitable but we can help keep it to a minimum and plan for necessary replacements.
  • Employee engagement.  Employee satisfaction and engagement (commitment and enthusiasm) are key to a productive work environment.  Let us help you gauge and improve how engaged your team is. 
  • Compensation and incentives review and planning.  Compensation should do three things:  Attract, retain, and incentivize.  Does yours?  Are you competitive?  Overpaying?  Let us help you develop meaningful programs that help you achieve key goals. 
  • Regulatory and legal compliance:  Are your policies up to date and in compliance with latest best practices?  Let us help by conducting an HR assessment.

Organizational Development

“Organization (noun):  An organized group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department.

“Disorganization (noun):  Inability to plan one's activities or affairs efficiently.”

     – Oxford English Dictionary

Truth be told, most of us are somewhere in between and there’s always room for improvement.  Organizational development is a process of diagnosis, action planning, implementation, and evaluation to direct organizations and the individuals who comprise them in solving problems and managing change. 

Change can be a huge source of anxiety.  It’s also not a choice: change is happening faster than ever and will either happen with you or to you.  We can help with:

  • Organizational assessment.  Organizations and job descriptions often develop in response to immediate needs – and who’s available at the time – rather than purposeful strategy.  The result is what we call “Frankenstein’s organization chart” and “Frankenstein’s job descriptions.”  It might work to some extent but so does an Edsel.  From a tune up to an overhaul, let us help improve your organizational structure and align your people, polices, and goals. 
  • Mission design and business planning. This is the other side of our “Business Plans and Feasibility Studies” services. We can build you the best house possible with what our Interim/Outsource services can produce – financial projections, ideal markets, customer research, etc. – but if your people aren’t aligned, a document like that will only collect dust from day one.
  • Talent development. When you require more of your team than they are trained for, everyone loses. You become frustrated and they feel like failures. We can provide coaching in leadership skills, conflict management, performance enhancement strategies, work-life balance individual, and more.
  • Ongoing monitoring and review of organizational practices. It's one thing to get your organization in order, it's another to keep it that way.  Let us perform regular (e.g., annual) checkups of your policies, practices, and development progress.  
  • Other services include culture diagnostics and improvement and succession planning.