“You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you’re going,
because you might not get there.” — Yogi Berra

Morrison can help with nearly any planning challenge, including strategic planning, business plans, budgeting, financial models, and comprehensive feasibility studies that assess financial, marketing, engineering and other key aspects of major projects anywhere in the US and even beyond.

We work with your management, board, and staff as appropriate to craft plans that meet the needs of ownership, lenders, investors, and others.  We can also provide professionals from fields including finance, marketing, engineering, law, and others, saving you the hassles of hiring and managing persons in the various disciplines necessary to meet your needs. 

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we can assist you with budgeting, financial modeling, business plans, feasibility studies, or strategic planning to meet your needs.  Our projects have included:

Large projects:

  • Feasibility study and business plan for a large Midwest IQF (individually quick frozen) plant covering facility and equipment needs, engineering, information technology needs, marketing and distribution, capital needs, and risk analysis. 
  • A business plan, strategic study, and financial projections for joint processing and marketing operations by four food companies, three based in North America and one in South America.  Included a due diligence review of a target acquisition company in the United States.
  • An assessment of the marketing, technical, and financial feasibility of a facility to convert food processing waste to fuel-grade ethanol.  The study included appraisals of feedstock availability and costs, assessment of available technologies and needed innovations, a review of markets, site reviews, preliminary engineering, and financial projections.
  • Due diligence reviews to assess the viability and/or estimated value of potential business acquisitions.
  • The organization, development, and final compilation of a major study that preceded the successful national launch of a major new product by an internationally known food company.

Mid-size and small projects:

  • Strategic planning sessions to develop joint management/board consensus, and the development of long-term plans to achieve the agreed-upon goals.
  • An industry assessment for an overseas investor including market demand, availability of critical inputs, processing capacity, a review of major industry challenges, and preliminary assessments of potential acquisition targets.
  • Plans to introduce new products for several clients, including regional, national, and international firms.
  • A feasibility study outlining and assessing options including relocation, re-engineering, and liquidation for an established commodity handler and agribusiness service organization.
  • Numerous budgets and budgeting process designs to help an organization plan and monitor its operating results, and to satisfy the needs of lenders and investors.