“You're only as good as the people you hire.” – Ray Kroc

"After many less than satisfactory experiences with various recruiting firms, we gave Morrison & Co the opportunity to assist us with our Corporate Controller job search and were extremely happy with their extensive industry contacts and unique recruiting process. The Morrison team presented us with multiple qualified candidates which allowed us to select and hire a highly talented Corporate Controller for our job opening." - Matt Strong, CFO, Pacific Coast Producers

Have you ever been to a carnival and seen the sign by the rides that reads “Must be this tall to ride this ride”?  Think of that sign as the minimum experience and technical background to do a job.  Those things are important, but unfortunately that’s as far as some executive recruitment firms go. 

You don’t want someone who is just “this tall.”  A study of 20,000 new hires by the leadership training firm Leadership IQ found that attitudinal (or cultural) problems were to blame 89% of the time when a new hire fails; aside from a strong background, you need someone who fits well with your team and its vision. 

The Morrison Difference:

We are not just an executive search or recruiting firm, but also work in areas including feasibility and planning, interim/outsource work, and business related special projects.  In other words we don’t just have lists of people, we know people.  And we know "fit" goes deeper than what's on a resume.

Here’s how we work:

  • We conduct an interview with key company personnel to develop both the best “technical” fit and the best cultural fit.  This information is used to create a profile of the best candidates, whom we pre-screen and, in some cases, test.
  • We approach the people on our list of nearly 2,000 direct contacts, both potential candidates and referral sources, which we have carefully categorized by industry, skill set, etc.  (We do not hire from clients but they are often our best referral sources.)
  • We do not scour the Internet for employee lists, professional association membership lists, etc.  We contact people we know or with whom we have professional links.
  • We don’t like to refer strangers.  In most cases the candidates we present are people we know and trust or known by people we know and trust.  This allows us to do deeper and more meaningful background checks.
  • We help with the interview process, background checks, and almost anything else to help you make the right decision for your organization.
  • Interim/Outsource work is one of our core service areas, so we can help transition new hires in those positions or fill many financial and management positions in the interim.

Here’s how we charge:

Most search firms charge a percentage of total first year compensation (e.g., salary plus bonus plus benefits), typically 25% - 33%.  We charge by the hour, which is almost always significantly less than a commission recruiter’s fee. In the rare situation where our hourly structure exceeds a typical commission fee, we cap our cost to match that amount. And we are happy to help you screen and interview candidates you have found from other sources and have no financial incentive to steer you toward any candidates but the best.

Here’s what we’ve done:

Morrison has conducted executive searches since 2006.  We’ve helped hire positions including CEO, CFO, Controller, Operations Director, Human Resources Director, Director of Labor Relations, and others.  For examples, please see the case studies linked below.